Tunisian Olympiad Programming (TOP) 2015

During TOP2015 competition that took place on March 16-17, Ahmed Bouhoula has won the Gold medal, and nine (9) LPA students among forty (40) from all over the nation have been selected to form the new National team. On April 9, following a final round, four students will qualify to represent Tunisia at IOI2015 in Kazakhstan.

TOP 2015 took place at CNTE. The competition consisted of solving three problems in five hours using C/C++.

Among selected LPA students are:
1st- Ahmed Bouhoula
4th- Elyes Kaak
7th- Ragheb Allela
- Ahmed Jellouli
- Ahmed Rekik
- Amine Cheikh
- Med Amine Chaâbouni
- Khalil Battikh
- Khalil Bendriss

Bouhoula, Rekik and Mohamed Attia participated as well at TCPC2015 (Tunisian Collegiate Programming Contest)
Thanks to ITA for organising such competitions and please contact if you are a student and interested in participating. ITA is currently presided by Dorsaf Benna Chelly.
Congratulations and best of luck for the final round on April 9!